my story

I really hate talking about myself but here goes...

I enjoy pleasing people and having fun and laughing, living life to it's fullest.  Life is too short to focus time on ugly emotions.


I used to love playing guitar in my spare time.  But please don't ask me to play for you.  I am really rusty.


My favorite bands are Pink Floyd, Fear Factory, Patsy Cline, and In This Moment.  I  love all music really. 


My favorite movies, are What Dreams May Come, anything Pixar, Tank Girl, Adam Sandler romantic comedies, The Notebook, and the Goonies.  Don't laugh!!!


I love to try new things and I'm definitely a performer in bed.  Being watched turns me on, a lot.  I enjoy being tied up, teased... I love pleasing others. I get off on people getting off on me.


With men I love being a sub, manhandled and pleased; told what to do and how to do it.  Not in a mean-spirited or selfish manner.  But in a fun way...and only after you've made me feel comfortable.  If you disrespect me, hurt me, or break whatever rules we've agreed on, it's over. Done. Period.  By the way, I've also found a new love of taking control, so let's not close the door on that.  Also, with women I love to please them, massage, back rubs, etc.though  



Keep in mind when you reach out to me that I respond much better to kind words and respect than I do to entitlement, demands, and vulgarity.  Together, we can have a great time together, fulfilling your fantasies and mine.