Provider references and referrals are always welcomed & appreciated. I can sometimes accept them in place of other screening if you have two, you met both ladies no more than six months ago, and they're both clearly established.


An unsealed envelope or greeting card left in plain sight on the dresser or the desk is the best way to handle the donation. Please don't hand the envelope to me directly.


Please give me a little privacy so I can put your gift away. Maybe take a couple of minutes to freshen up


Aggressive behavior will not be tolerated.  If you cross that boundary are time is time is most likely over.


Don't be alarmed if I make a "safety call" at the beginning of our time together.


Being freshly scrubbed is an absolute must.  You are always welcome to use my shower if need be.  


I respect the personal choices of every individual. However, the possession and/or use of illegal drugs will not be tolerated in my presence. I you respect that boundary will result in the termination of our time together and the forfeit of the donation.