An uninterrupted hour of adults only fun, exploration, excitement, and erotic adventure.


Sometimes a memory just isn't enough.

Media keepsake anyone?


(one hour)

If you're like me, an hour long playdate is just a tease. 

Ninety minutes is a lot more satisfying.




Can you get away for two hours?  

Are you sure you can keep up that long?  

I hope so.  

I'm in no hurry for you to leave.




First we share a meal.  

Then we share each other.  

Ninety minutes of "private time" + ninety minutes of "public time".



Tell me now, how loud do you snore?

You can't possibly want to spend the time we have tonight sleeping.

(this only happens if you make me feel comfortable enough to do so)


***Outcalls require a $50 adjustment to cover transportation costs.***

If the outcall requires more than 30 minutes of travel time, the adjustment would be $100.