an admirer says

I found Hazel while I was browsing Adult Search, followed the link to her site and liked what I saw.  I filled out the Meet Up form, answered some pretty basic screening information, and she got back to me about an hour later.  We exchanged a little back and forth flirting and arranged a meeting for later that afternoon.  

As instructed I sent her about 90 minutes before our appointment to get the hotel information, again when I was headed her way, and then called her for the room number once I arrived at her very nice, business class hotel. 


Hazel opened the door with a friendly smile, and her demeanor quickly put me at ease.  She had on a nice peach colored teddy, thigh highs and please fuck me heels.  I laid the envelope down and excused myself to the WC to let her count and make her "safety call."  

I came out of the bathroom and joined her on the bed.  We talked a bit about nothing while she unzipped me and sprang me free. She teased the tip of my little friend for a bit and then we helped each other undress.  The teasing became an BJ and I knew this wasn't going to last long.  As usual, the little guy lost patience and decided he could wait no longer. He succumbed to Hazel's skill and was rewarded with a combination CIM and facial.  Does it get better than this?


It was really naughty and really intimate at the same time.  She even somehow managed to maintain some kind of touch throughout most of my downtime. 


I hate to toot my own horn.  But my post grad studies were in the art of DATY. Of course, Hazel challenged me to prove it.  How could I say no?  After a few minutes of her whimpering & squirming I was hard again and raring to go. She deftly put the condom on and round two began.  


We started with Mish.  But soon went to Doggie and then Cowgirl.  Her physical reaction told me that my finger had found the most sensitive part of her clit and her face said don't stop.  She came first and I came like a rocket right after her


I grabbed a shower and we chatted through the open door. Even though I never felt her ushering me to the door, alas I knew my time was up.  I flirted with the idea of asking Hazel if we could extend our time to two hours. But 3pm was fast approaching, I could see the downpour through the window, traffic sucks getting out of Tysons that time of day, so off into the elements I went.  


Bottom line, I had a great time with her and definitely plan to repeat. 


(The Above Excerpt Should Be Considered Fiction And Not As A Promise Of Things To Come)